Advantages of a hybrid car

For long term use , highly cost-effective hybrid cars . Hybrid cars have very high fuel efficiency , much higher than a traditional gasoline -powered vehicles . by combining a gasoline engine and an electric motor

For short- term use , the hybrid car is more expensive than traditional models . Especially for the cost of maintenance and repair of electric motors and batteries .

X hybrid version of the car will usually be higher than the traditional version (because of the electric motor and battery ). hybrid car car is the latest and advanced technology , so not all car workshop service facilities have the equipment and expertise needed for hybrid car service , so you will be relying on the dealer or manufacturer . When you travel, you should know where your car can be served along the route that you pass .

But still there are many positive reasons to buy a hybrid car . hybrids benefit the environment . They have carbon dioxide emissions are lower , fuel-efficient , and releases fewer emissions into the air .

demand for hybrids continues to increase, manufacturers must prepare a strategy to resolve this problem in the  future

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