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hello, I’m back…

several time i’m off from this blogging world. but now, i’m back to writes again… 😀

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for everyone who celebrate it. Especially to show attention and affection. Some people give flowers, a small gift, a little kiss on the cheek and Valentine’s Day greeting. some people give

Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2014

Sleek , stylish and Athletic The all-new  Toyota Highlander 2014 redesigned with excitement concept in mind . grille made ​​larger so impressed dashing and dramatic front end for aerodynamic roof rails , so driving the Highlander makes

Hybrid Pickup | Chevrolet Silverado

An innovation and take advantage of rising fuel prices and the green revolution that will come with a gas -saving hybrid technology combines with a full-size pickup truck .  Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid Pickup is the first

BMW hybrid car

BMW dynamic innovation in hybrid technology and fuel efficiency in ActiveHybrids, embodied in the BMW 3 Series , BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series . BMW ActiveHybrid 3 stands for innovative drive systems and EfficientDynamics .

Toyota Prius Hybrid car

Toyota Prius is a hybrid car that is very fuel efficient , comfortable interior and suspension and wide luggage space makes the Toyota Prius hybrid is very practical . Prius has a luxurious interior design with high

Advantages of a hybrid car

For long term use , highly cost-effective hybrid cars . Hybrid cars have very high fuel efficiency , much higher than a traditional gasoline -powered vehicles . by combining a gasoline engine and an electric motor For