Honda Accord Hybrid

after the redesigned for a year, in 2013 Honda Accord re- launched . This Toyota hybrid version is impressive and memorable . notice of its specifications and features , this product is set to compete with hybrid versions of the Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry .

Hybrid electric car


Honda hybrid debuted in 2005 . Accord Hybrid officially go on sale on October 31 , with a price range of $ 29,155 – $ 34,905 . The new power source Accord Hybrid uses a four -cylinder gasoline engine and two- efficient electric motors , 1.3 kW lithium – ion . at a certain moment the gasoline engine generates electricity for the electric motor and recharge the battery . Car set very steady , capable of driving fast with large torque electric motor . displacement between electric-powered motor and gasoline engine is very smooth . And not like another hybrids , the brake pedal feels very comfortable , natural and linear . The cabin was noticeably quieter than a conventional Accord 4 -cylinder version . Camry Hybrid has a fairly large area to the rear cabin , the Fusion Hybrid won here with a fold-down seats .

Like the other models of Accords , the hybrid model also has a spacious cabin with a range of very good equipment . Based on comments and reports from users of the Honda Accord hybrid : “Overall , Teknology of Honda Hybrid has been able to built very well with a reasonable selling price ” .

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