How To Let Others Know Which Way You Are Going; Common Problems With Your Turn Signals Can Make This Difficult

We use turn signals every day when we drive. We have to make at least one turn in order to get where we are trying to go. But when our turn signals are not working it can be difficult for other drivers to know what our intentions are, and often they will guess wrong. Here are some common problems with turn signals that arise.

Problem 1: Bulbs

The first thing that you should check when your turn signal isn’t working is whether or not the bulb is in good condition or not. If this seems to be the cause of your turn signal not working then all you have to do is replace them and you can get back on the road.

Problem 2: Flasher Relay

The flasher relay allows the turn signal light to flash on and off so people can see which way you are turning. There are two types that are used but they do pretty much the same thing just in a different way. There are several ways that you can detect a problem; either there is no flashing at all when you turn on your signal or the flashing will be off by either going faster or slower than it normally does. It is easy to replace the flasher relay.

Problem 3: Switches

On our cars, near the steering wheel, is where we find the switch to turn on and off our turn signal lights. If something is wrong with the switch then the information isn’t able to get to the correct area. This results in the turn signal not working correctly or not working at all. If this is the problem with the turn signal then it is best to take it in to a professional to look into because they are really difficult to replace.

Fixing It Yourself

Most of the time you will be able to fix the problem that you have with the turn signal by yourself; if the bulb is out you can replace the bulb and it is all better. If it is the flasher relay you can do the same thing and replace it. If you have tried several different things to fix the turn signal and nothing is working then it is time to take it in to the professionals. They will be able to look more in depth at the problem and will be able to fix it better than you can.


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