Hybrid cars from honda

There are several models of hybrid cars made ​​by Honda . smallest model suitable for city conditions is Honda jazz hybrid . family run -around with surprisingly good boot space, so practically. The larger models are Honda CR – Z , sporty , three – door hybrid with good looks and performance and the Honda Insight , Family car , exclusively hybrid with impressive eco credentials.

Honda Hybrid

The level of fuel efficiency to the Honda Jazz hybrid is 62.8 MPG , Honda CR – Z 56.5 MPG and 68.9 MPG for the Honda Insight .

in Europe , the Honda Jazz hybrid is one of the safest cars . made for maximum protection .
Honda CR – Z is environmentally powerful. design concept of this model is a sports meet hybrid

Hybrid technology from Honda makes the new Insight is so economical . so , the Honda Insight is Generously Efficient .

Honda hybrid technology will make your wallet safe and also to the environment .
With a hybrid car , you can expect fuel efficiency and Low Vehicle Excise Duty .
Honda as a major vehicle manufacturer , will always create a new innovation , for developing this hybrid technology, without sacrificing driver comfort .

Source article : http://www.honda.co.uk/cars/hybrids

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  1. rifki

    i just hope it can sold cheaper….i really love the concept of hybrid car, but its still expensive technology..so not everyone can have it in their car.

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