Hybrid Engines

HEVs (Hybrid-electric vehicles) combine the benefits of gasoline engines and electric motors and can be configured to obtain different objectives, such as improved fuel economy, increased power, or additional auxiliary power for electronic devices and power tools.

with two small engines to produce larger power to operate hybrid cars . conventional engine and an electric engine.  Toyota Prius  produce 173 horse power, with 106 hp engine combined with a 67 hp electric  engine.
In  hybrids technology , the electric engine will active all the way up to 35 miles per hour.  The gas mileage operates at higher speeds because gas mileage improves with speed up to 65 miles per hour, after which it begins to drop again.

Electric Motor Drive/Assist. The electric motor provides additional power to assist the engine in accelerating, passing, or hill climbing.

hybrids technology have gotten comparable is Ford Escape, Honda Civic , Mercury Mariner , and Toyota Camry .

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