Hybrid plug in vehicles

A Plug – in Hybrid is a hybrid and electric vehicle integration . Hybrid vehicles can recharge the batteries directly from a household power outlet.

Hybrid Plug in
Toyota Plug – In Hybrid

Toyota extend roaming capabilities of electric motors by increasing the capacity of the secondary battery in EV mode . In addition to reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption as well as contributing to air pollution control , offering additional economic benefits reduced total fuel costs , including the cost of gasoline and electricity .

radical reductions in CO2 emissions that can be obtained when recharging , when using the energy generated from solar power .

superior fuel efficiency has been demonstrated on a short trip , even when driving in hybrid mode with an empty battery . Toyota Prius Plug – in Hybrid to have better fuel efficiency than conventional hybrid vehicles .

For it is certainly no worries about ” running out of electricity ” ,
Because Toyota Prius Plug – in Hybrid has ” regeneration system ” . namely to restore electricity from thermal energy generated from braking or taking the foot off the accelerator in a slowdown at a higher level than conventional hybrid vehicles , depending on driving technique , a Plug- in Hybrid vehicle can provide better fuel efficiency than the conventional Prius even with an empty battery .

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