Hybrids today and tomorrow

Hybrid car technology will evolve towards being more stable . Beginning with an environmentally friendly car . by combining a gasoline engine and an electric motor . This technology will then growing rapidly with a variety of innovations .
Nowadays , many hybrid cars passing on the highway . Unfortunately , not everyone can afford to buy a hybrid vehicle, because the price of a hybrid vehicle it is still expensive for the middle class .

Electric car

Automotive manufacturers , such as Honda , Toyota , Suzuki , Lexus , BMW and others , trying to develop and make more inovation for this hybrid technology, become cheaper and affordable . with serious research , and of course at great expense to the research .According to representatives of the manufacturers above , they will be concentrating on preparing technology will be useful for human life , with due regard to the environment , especially the earth

Predicted by many observers , hybrid technology someday will dominate the market . slowly , hybrid cars will shift the existence of a conventional car with petrol . This prediction is based on the development of technology will , who should pay attention to the environment and green technology issues .

As users , we all certainly hope that this technology will be more affordable . and the environment is getting cleaner because there is no pollution .

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