Hystory of modern transportation

Cars with internal combustion engine was  patented first in 1860 by Jean Lenoir tahub France. car with gasoline , was first developed in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz . in 1890 , Cars with a modern engine developed in Germany and France in 1890. William Morrison in 1891 introduced an electric -powered car in the United States , which is an improvement over the steam engine .

The first car sold In 1893 made ​​by Charles and J. Frank Duryea in Springfield , Massachusetts in the USA . This is the beginning of the development of the car with a gasoline engine . in 1903 Henry Ford launched and introduced the Ford Model T. The mass production of the Model T began in 1908 . Alfred Sloan as president of General Motors in 1923 , made ​​a number of new car models . with transport faster , more affordable , and more flexible for people .

automotive industry produces more than 70 million vehicles worldwide . fuel and gasoline prices made ​​many vehicle manufacturers to develop environmentally friendly technologies such as hybrid cars , electric cars , hydrogen cars , and cars with other alternative fuels .

Hybrids are an alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles . This vehicle does not require a lot of gasoline , because there is also an electric motor for power . Hybrid cars have the potential to reduce our dependence on oil

about environmental issues make hybrid car industry is growing  up.

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