hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The latest generation of the Sonata Hybrid is the first non – hybrid plug -in , lithium- polymer battery technology is one of the most efficient battery on the market today . Sonata Hybrid has a 6 – speed automatic transmission with smooth gearshift . Hyundai Sonata Hybrid has 199 horsepower .Hyndai hybrid

Compared with nickel – metal batteries are widely used by competitors hybrid vehicles , Battery With 25 % lighter weight , this generation battery capable of delivering the same power , 40 % smaller , 10 % more efficient and able to maintain available power up to 1.7 times longer than traditional batteries .This makes the design casing thinner and lighter. so that it can add to the interior space .

not just the power that makes the Sonata Hybrid batteries become more efficient vehicles , but also because the performance 2.4L engine DOHC Theta II features an Atkinson cycle gas thereby increasing fuel efficiency

Hybrid engine is different from standard car engines , and Hyundai ‘s Sonata Hybrid is different from other hybrid vehicles . Fully parallel HEV system and optimum power . engine and battery power supply working simultaneously . Energy savings occur because the electric engine Hybrid Starter Generator ( HSG ) of up to 74 mph

Using a fully independent suspension , with MacPherson struts in front and multi – link in rear.

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