The promise about green technology

Hybrid vehicles are a new technology will combine a conventional gasoline engine and electric motor. hybrid technology will help to suppress the use of fossil fuels drastically. and of course will reduce the pollution caused by vehicle technology

As the issues that are hot today, about global warming, many car manufacturers are trying to enhance this hybrid technology will. They promised to support “green technology will” to make a more comfortable human habitation.

Is green technology ?
is that technology will be created to support human activities, but still maintaining the continuity of nature and the earth in which we live. called environmentally friendly technology
Green technology can be implemented on a large area, which is associated with human life

The example of green technology areas such as Energy, Green building, Environmentally preferred purchasing, Green Chemistry, Green nanotechnology

as users , we can only wait for their promises with respect to green technology

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  1. catering pernikahan murah

    all of green is save the world

  2. Paket Wisata Pulau Pari

    It will be a good technology.

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