What is a hybrid vehicle

hybrid vehicle uses two or more distinct power sources to make the vehicle can move . The term most commonly refers to HEV ( Hybrid Electric Vehicle ) , which combine an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors . Yet another mechanism that is used to treat the two sources of energy are also included .green technology

Hybrid electric vehicles , today use two traditional internal combustion engine and a battery motor / electric generator to provide motive power and energy recovery .

The system is built in a hybrid vehicle is designed combining different resources to be able to optimize their respective strengths and minimize the disadvantages. A gasoline-electric hybrid system , for example , combines the power of high speed internal combustion engine with clean efficiency and low-speed torque electric motor

There are several ways to combined electric motor and gasoline engine.
one car manufacturer Toyota hybrid vehicle, to enhance energy-saving benefits. Technology and sophisticated energy management devices are made ​​by Toyota is able to continuously optimize the flow of engine power and electric power for operating the vehicle safely and comfortably high level of efficiency

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