What is Roadside Assist

The best way to combat mechanical breakdowns on a vehicle is with the purchase of a vehicle warranty. Most new vehicles come with warranties and you also have the option of purchasing extended warranties for cars that have outlived their manufacturers warranty. However, just as important as protecting against the high cost of mechanical failures is roadside assist. For many people, there’s nothing more frightening or inconveniencing as being stuck on the side of the road without a plan to have your vehicle repaired or at the least, removed from the roadside.

Fortunately, many extended warranty companies that allow you to purchase extended warranties on your new or used vehicle also provide roadside assist programs. These programs can be extremely helpful in providing you roadside assistance should a tyre go flat or rim become damaged. These roadside programs also offer towing and transportation for you and your vehicle should you experience a breakdown or an accident and they also can provide emergency fuel if you happen to run out of gas before reaching your destination.

As with most roadside assist programs, the key to a quality program is 24-hour accessibility. While it’s very rare to find roadside assistance programs that don’t offer this, it’s important that you check to see how accessible the services are that you’re paying for before you agree to purchase anything.

Another issue that people have with roadside assist programs is their costs. While each program has varying costs as compared to others, the average cost for a basic roadside program is going to be about one dollar per day. This number can be much higher if you opt for specialised services and options in your roadside assistance package.

Whether you need roadside assistance because an accident or a mechanical failure, having a plan in place that will provide you with the services necessary without having to spend a small fortune makes a great deal of sense. That is why you might want to consider a roadside assist program. Whether your car is new or used, unexpected things can happen. Roadside assistance programs offer transportation for you and your vehicle any time of the day or night.

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