you should know before buying a hybrid car

We definitely look for references when considering the purchase of a hybrid vehicle, may also be confused with some terms of hybrid technology
Electric hybrid vehicleHybrid technology originated from the desire of the manufacturer, the clean vehicle and efficient energy source. The energy source is electricity. That’s why engineers and Entrepreneurs have been trying to develop a practical electric car. Without Getting in trouble for power on the road.
To date however, no one has been able to create a compact battery , lightweight and able to cover long distances without recharging multiple times.

one great hope for the future it is fuel cells, which combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity. some vehicle prototypes have been demonstrated.
The best estimate is that it will take eight years before fuel cell cars can be produced and sold at a reasonable price.

clean air plus dwindling reserves of fossil energy causes some manufacturing cars, especially in Japan, to seek a solution. Thus was born the hybrid car.
hybrid technology will combine gasoline engines and electric motors to provide adequate power with minimal fuel useage and low emissions.

The advantage is that the gasoline engine can be very small, because the power is obtained from not one but two sources.

Driving a hybrid car is like another, but there is little difference. When the car is stopped for more than a few seconds, the gasoline engine will shut down automatically.
It can be a little daunting at first, when you find yourself sitting in silence.

Some question whether the hybrid car technology will be durable in the long run. It has been proven by Vancouver BC Andrew Grant, the first taxi driver in the world that uses the Toyota Prius. After three years of daily use of the Prius was already running more than 180,000 miles with only a few minor problems.
In this case, Toyota has a good strategy for the development of the Toyota Prius in the future.
As the development of technology will, for the Prius will be more affordable because the price of the batteries are getting cheaper and smaller and smaller sizes.

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